Dobropole live oils (Доброполе живые масла)

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We are a small family business in Moscow.

We lead a healthy conscious lifestyle, and, at some point, we began to make healthy products ourselves, which we ourselves 100% trust and confidently put on the table for our family, relatives and friends. and of course for you!

First and only cold pressed oils

only gentle cold pressing, without contact with metal, from pure whole seeds and nuts from trusted manufacturers.

Our oil contains nothing but oil!

Ancient gentle technologies

We ourselves press oils on the press according to the old technology, without contact with metal, we make urbech on stone millstones, this is manual labor, expensive production, but this is the quality and preservation of all the benefits of a natural product. We use only eco-friendly raw materials, finding the same, in love with their work, like-minded people - suppliers of pure, organic products, doing their job with love and care.

How are our oils and conventional oils different?

Taste and benefits - our products are real, tasty, lively.

There is nothing in oil but oil.

Urbech and nut pastes from the best whole raw seeds and nuts, ground on stone millstones, without additives, without heating, without sugar and salt. All nutrients are preserved in the production process.

Having tasted our oils and pastes, you will most likely give up store products forever.

Our strict quality standards - according to the same standards and from the same raw materials, we make butter for our customers, for ourselves, our children, parents, grandmothers, relatives and friends.

We do not store oils, and urbechi, we do it only on order.

Premium gentle eco-friendly technology - we squeeze in oak presses, without contact of oil with metal. Without heating. No shredding. We pour only into glass bottles and close them with corks made of natural materials.


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Dobropole live oils (Доброполе живые масла)

Dobropole live oils (Доброполе живые масла)

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Raw-pressed live oils, nut pastes and premium quality urbech. Simple pure compositions, oils of the first cold pressing in the old way on an oak press, nut pastes and urbech - in a mill with granite millstones, without heating and contact with metal, in the most gentle way, preserving all natural useful properties.

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