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We are pleased to offer you a herbal mask for body, face and hair care. This is a universal mask, which consists of only natural spices and herbs. With the help of our mask you can not only improve the condition of the skin. It will also help make your hair thick and silky.

Key effects of our mask when applied

On the hair:

• Improved nutrition of hair follicles - after 5-8 applications, the hair stops falling out, becomes thicker

• Obstacle brittle hair

• Elimination of hair section

• Cure within 1-5 procedures of dandruff and dermatitis (tested on personal experience!)

• Full restoration of the hair structure (the effect is particularly noticeable on weakened, colored, subjected to chemical curling, blow-drying, hair curling / curler)

• Giving the hair vitality and natural shine

• Increase in weight and volume of hair

On the skin of the face and body:

• Moisturizing, nutrition, skin care

• tonic effect

• Regeneration and restoration of skin structure and smoothing of the skin relief, destruction of irregularities and skin lesions after rashes

• Acne, acne and dermatitis skin cure

• Significant narrowing of skin pores

• Cleansing and eliminating signs of skin fatigue

• Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Smoothing

• The destruction of dark circles under the eyes.

And a couple of important points:

Our mask is 100% environmentally friendly products.

Its composition: Helba, holy basil, Kalindzhi, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric, fennel

Manufacturer of all components: India


Vesta Consult (Веста-Консалт)

Vesta Consult (Веста-Консалт)

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