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About Us

NAARIL company is a manufacturer and the largest supplier of coconut oil from India. The quality of our product is confirmed by the international certificate ISO 22000: 2005, voluntary certification of the EAU and the Russian Federation, including the certificate of VNIIZhirov RF. Among our customers are confectioners and cosmetics manufacturers, both owners of large enterprises and consumers purchasing our product for personal use. One thing binds them all - trust in our products, trust that we value!




The word “naariyal” [naj’yal] in Hindi means “coconut”, the brand Naariyal is synonymous with natural coconut products. <br />
The goal of Naariyal, as a manufacturer and importer of coconut oil, is to provide the consumer with a high-quality product at the best prices! Such quality is ensured due to strict control of raw materials, all stages of oil production, sparing production technologies without the use of any chemistry.

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