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FITMOST is a subscription to sports, recreation and entertainment.

With a subscription, you can work out in more than 1000 fitness studios, clubs and wellness centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and 9 other large cities.

The subscription gives you the opportunity to choose a convenient time and location for training, try and combine different directions (yoga, swimming, cycling, boxing, massage, spa, floating and others) and find new hobbies.

The cost of the subscription (from 2490 rubles) depends on the number of purchased points. A subscription can be purchased for 30, 60, 100 points (valid for a month), and 200 points. (3 months), 500 b. (9 months) or 1000 b. (12 months). Points are the local currency used when registering for a busy


15% - For the first subscription


FITMOST is a unified subscription for sports, recreation and entertainment. By subscription, you can visit more than 1000 studios, fitness and spa centers in 11 cities of Russia.

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